Shopping selection: Welcome to Paradise

One-piece swimsuit are back! ;-)

Welcome to Paradise

Helloooo!! Summer is coming and one piece swimsuits are back! Personally I find much more comforatble wearing a one-piece swimsuit,  at least your know everything stays in place! ;-) No matter what happens, even if you get knocked out by a HUGE wave ending up on the shore, with your hair all over the place and lots of sea water up in your nose, at least you don’t have to worry (and by worry I mean also happening!)  about you bikini not hiding what it should be hiding….! It saves a lot of embarassing moments I say!lol ;-) Anyway, I hope you enjoy, have a lovely day!! Ta-ra’!
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Coucou tout le monde! L’été approche et les maillots de bain une pièce sont de retour! Personnellement je trouve qu’on est beaucoup plus à l’aise dans un maillot une pièce, au moins on sais que tout reste en place, et qu’on reste classe! ;-) Quoiqu’il arrive, même si tu te prends un grosse vague en plein visage, te retrouvant au bord de la plage, les cheveux en pagaille, et les narines remplies d’eau salé, au moins  tu n’as pas à t’inquiéter à savoir si ton bikini cache toujours les endroits qu’il devrait cacher….! Franchement, cela éviterait beaucoup de moments embarrassant….!!lol ;-) Bref, passez une super belle journée, à très bientôt!! ;-)
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Shopping Selection: Bring the Sunshine into your Life!

Hello Sunshine!

Bring the Sunshine into your Life!

 HelloOo dear readers and followers! Bring the sunshine into your life and into your home with this week’s shopping selection! ;-) Yellow is one of my favourite colours, I find that  it just lightens  everything up and puts you in a good mood, so I hope you enjoy this post! ;-) Have a nice day, see ya’! xxx

Shopping Selection: Turquoise, Fushia, Yellow & Gold

Slow Down, Calm Down, Just Stay Cool and Relaxed ♥

Turquoise, Fushia, Yellow & Gold - Cool and Relaxed <3

Shopping Selection : Peachy Pink

Peachy Pink Wedding OutfitPeachy Pink

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PS: I would really recommend theBenefit Feelin’ Dandy Lip and Cheek Kit” to give you a lovely look, and the “ Benefit bathina take a picture…it lasts longer…” which makes your skin all shimmery!!  ;-)

Shopping Selection : Weekend Out : )

Yay!! Weekend out and about! 

Weekend Out

Howdy there everybody! :) Golly gosh it’s been quite a while I haven’t posted anything….! :-S Anyway, here’s a litttle shopping selection I gathered together, I hope you enjoy…. ;-) Ta-ra! xoxo
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