Photos of the Day #16

Look up in the sky, way up high…. ✯

Hello boys and girls! ;-) I hope you are all well! Here are a few photos I found of beautiful sunsets, bright and colorful skies, and northern lights… My oh my, would  I love to see  northern lights for real, it must be absolutely stunning! Even just looking at the sky on a clear night, seeing the millions and millions (oups,or billions…!) of  shimmery stars out there, and just taking the time to stop and gaze at them is just…… “(big sigh of relaxation and inner peace..)”….!  ;-)  It just helps you put things back in their places, taking a moment and thinking, dreaming about everything, and finally knowing that anything is possible! :-) xoxo

28bb78428952d7e1a14041e727507580 3611bf44c19cf5617cc869fa19143d14 dd914de73f91e91dd94832e8e8a96394 a2a83e1cd166f5f93dba76e05ebc0f53 (1) f0f29a0d80ef01b86245201b1000e120 f33212584bce634b99b3a748c5a97042 (1) 78535589e26ec2ccbd2312e868e1c0fc b98b3bf03a0ccb1ff13360f979d5aca8 41ad438c1130191fb80203b7c8d48fd3 1063fb66c05f0fac9f97688be957e0a8 87ac59766de61d2431a41caee6e22d72bc26b31d9f00e436b4fc87ea1fa0df5e (1) e1afb50f6962238003f08a8f057a9e92 (1)d81c37b5cba841c065e24c47f7b38990

  Disclaimer:  These photos are not my  property, they have been collected from different public sources including different websites, considering to be in public domain.


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