Thought of the Day # 13

Dream, Believe And Make It Happen…


Design by Alexandra Snowdon Design & Craft. Discover more of her lovely  fine art prints, greeting cards,  and eco-friendly bags hand printed, by visiting her e-shop on I love them all! ♥

normal_king-of-the-road-bike-print normal_limited-edition-onward-upward-print normal_nuts-about-you-print


2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day # 13

  1. Long time no write !! >_< Moved, started a new job, and abandoned the blogging world for a while but…I'm back !! :D

    Missed your blog and adorable illustrations! :)

    • Yay Alejandra you’re back!! :-D You’ve been away far tooooo looong!! ;-) You must certainly have many things to write about with all these new changes! I look forward reading about them, and to see your blog back on the road, up and running!! ;-D xxx

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