Illustration of the Day #17

…Boho Mood…tenue hippy chic


4 thoughts on “Illustration of the Day #17

  1. Cute! :D Also, I read your reply, sorry for just responding! >_< (Horrible, HORRIBLE blogger pal that I am!!) I am so sorry to hear about the migraines ! :( I hope they are better now? I send you a big hug, and I really hope that somehow you are still able to work and that it doesn't affect bill paying. I know all about hospital bills screwing up my work and rent payments. Talk about nightmares…at any rate, I hope you are better now! ;)

    • Hiya Alejandra! :) No worries, I’m not much better for responding these days either! ;-) Thank you for your concern, you’re so sweet! :) My head is feeling much better but it’s still not quite as peachy as I would like it to be! ;-) To be honest these migraines a due to a burnout, so I’ve had to stop all activity, and go back to relaxing and computer free activities, such as painting! It’s rather a new thing for me, which I would have never done before, so who knows maybe a good thing will come out of all of this! :) Anyway hope all is well for you, and hope to read a new post from your blog soon! ;-) xxx

  2. OMG! Can’t believe I’ve lost touch with you and your blog since I left :(
    Your illustrations are so beautiful! I’m a fan!
    A very great work!
    Much love,

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