Photos of the Day #11

Let’s Take A Walk In The Garden…Part 1

roses2.jpg_effected IMG_2102.JPG_effected blooming garden 1 IMG_2099.JPG_effected IMG_9319 copy.jpg_effected IMG_2082.JPG_effected IMG_1909 copymontage.jpg_effected roses 1.jpg_effected IMG_1955.JPG_effected blooming garden 2 IMG_9314 copy.jpg_effected

Good day everybody! How are you doing?! ;-)  If there’s a thing I haven’t had the opportunity to do so far on my blog, is share with you my passion for photography.  Of course I’m not a pro, I am far from, but I love taking photos especially when walking around in nature. I think I might have hundreds and hundreds of photos of flowers on my computer…gosh, yeah I will have to sort them out one of these days…!! So here we are, today I’m sharing with you some of the latest photos taken from the garden. I would love you to be able to smell these roses, it’s so nice to walk around in the garden and have all these delicious perfumes surrounding you, some of them smell so nice you would just want to eat them!!!  ;-) Anyway ,hope you all have a lovely sunny day….if not sunny, at least lovely! ;-) Ta-ra, ta-ra! ;-) xxx

Salut à tous! Comment allez vous?! ;-) S’il y a une chose à la quelle je n’ai pas eu l’opportunité de partager avec vous sur mon blog, c’est ma passion pour la photo. Bon, je ne suis pas une pro, loin de là, mais j’adore prendre des photos en particulier lorsque je me promène dans la nature. Je pense que je dois avoir des centaines et des centaines de photos de fleurs sur mon ordinateur… mon dieu, il faudra bien qu’un jour je fasse le tri ma foi… ! Bref, du coup aujourd’hui je partage avec vous les dernières photos prises du jardin. C’est dommage que vous ne pussiez pas sentir toutes ces roses, c’est tellement agréable de se promener tranquillement étant entouré de tous ces parfums si délicieux, certaines des ces roses sentent tellement bon que ça donne envie de les manger !! ;-) Allez oust, je vous souhaite à tous les amis une très belle journée ensoleillée… pas ensoleillée au moins qu’elle soit belle ! ;-) Tchao tchao! ;-) xxx


6 thoughts on “Photos of the Day #11

  1. I am a horrible blogger that hasn’t been here in a while, but have to say it seems so magical to have a garden like that! :D LOVE your photography, you’re quite the pro ! ;)

    • Hiya Alejandra! Oh I’m so sorry to answer so late, I’ve been a horrible blogger too, it’s been months since I last posted something! :S I’m not one to display private life on internet, but the truth is I’ve had no choice but to go computer free lately due to horrible migraines…it’s rather frustrating because I’ve had lots of ideas to post but unfortunately I can’t, and shouldn’t really, go on the computer as much as I want! :( Anyway,I hope you are okay, and thank you for those nice words, indeed it does feel like being in a secret garden sometimes…although not so much now that all the flowers are gone! lol ;-) xxx

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