Illustration of the Day #7

“Zip-a-dee-doo-dah  Zip-a-dee-day!  My Oh My What A Wonderful Day!”

fig. avril 2013

Helloooo to you all, fellow bloggers and followers! :-D Ahhh at last the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the weather is nice and warm over here in France! It’s time for lovely tropical cocktails and mango & passion fruit sorbet, to enjoy on the terrace of course while layzing around! ;-) Hope you all have a lovely and sunny day wherever you are! ;-) Ta-ra! ;-D x

Saluuuut à tous, chers bloggeurs et followers! :D Ahhh, enfin le soleil brille de mille feux, les oiseaux chantent, et il fait chaud ici en France ! Le temps idéal pour un petit cocktail tropical et un sorbet à la mangue & fuit de la passion, à déguster en terrasse bien évidemment! ;-) Je vous souhaite une très belle journée ensoleillée où que vous soyez! Tchao tchao! ;-) x


6 thoughts on “Illustration of the Day #7

      • Hmmm….I’ve never been to Florida, is it really that bad?! I think the weather would still be warmer than here anyway, I was all happy about putting my winter clothes in boxes and all excited about wearing bright multicolored summer clothes, till the day after when having to take all the winter stuff out again….pfff drepressing!lol ;-)

    • Hiya Alejandra! ;-) Merciiiiii! ;-D I know that song just makes you feel nice and peachy doesn’t it! Although I don’t know all the lyrics really, so I’m always singing the same lines!lol xxx

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