Illustration of the Day #6

“My Tuesday Outfit !” :) 

Ma tenue du Mardi! :)

A Tuesday outfit for little girls! ;-)

La tenue du Mardi pour petite fille! ;-)


11 thoughts on “Illustration of the Day #6

    • Awww thank you for those kind words!! ;-) To tell you the truth most of the illustrations/designs I post are new, but some are old ones and this one is one of them, I think I may of done it 1-2 years ago….!! : S Oups….yeees it’s sort of cheating but then again, I’m the boss of my blog hey, so I just post what I like to share, with whoever will appreciate it! And it’s sure nice to see when your work is appreciated! ;-) Thank you! :) x

      • Haha, well they are always new for me! :) You are incredibly talented and your illustrations always put a smile on my face! Old or new, I look forward to them all!

      • Oh gosh! Even mooOore compliments! Crikey, you are really sweet, and you’ve made me proud as a peacock! ;-))) I will try to keep up the good work then! Thank youuu!! :))) xxx

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