Illustration of the Day #1

 “They’re changing guard at Buckingham Palace”

Coldstream Guard

A bit of British inspiration in the air…!

Un peu d’inspiration anglaise dans l’air…!


Shopping Selection: Les Galeries Lafayette

Shopping aux Galeries Lafayette 

Tenue Galeries Lafayette

Okay, so the sales over here are nearly finished, but nervermind I’m still putting this selection of articles ( see below) from Galeries Lafayette, available in their stores or website

Bon okay je sais, les soldes sont déjà presque terminés, mais voici tout de même une sélection d’articles 100%  Galeries Lafayette! A voir en magasins ou sur !

(Duffle Coat) Duffle coat court à manches longues Avant Première   •  (Beanie) Bonnet Briefing  •  (Gloves) Gants longs en maille, ornés d’étoiles sur le dessus du poignet Lafayette Collection   •  (Boots) Bottines en cuir à bout rond  Lafayette Collection  •  (Handbag) Sac bowling parsemé d’étoiles métalliques dorées Lafayette Collection  •  (Cardigan) Gilet long Lafayette Collection   •  (T-Shirt) Tee-shirt rayé style marin  Lafayette Collection  •  (Jeans) Jeans brut, coupe serrée, base zippée Avant Première

Photos of the Day #1

* Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! *


211669251208213979_7wIDatcJ_c f3d7ee2b292b7fedcbdca0a99224-post

I thought these lovely photos seemed quite appropiate seeing the weather!

Avec le temps qu’il fait en ce moment je trouve que ces photos tombent à pique! 

Disclaimer:  These photos are not my  property, they have been collected from different public sources including different websites, considering to be in public domain.

The Beautiful Blogger Award!

The Beautiful Blogger Award

Hello! First of all I’d like to thank G.E. Gegallas ( who nominated my blog, which I do thank her for very dearly, I wasn’t expecting it at all as I’ve only just started my blog, and for the moment I do not have many posts! So Thank you G.E. Gegallas, it’s such a nice feeling to know my work can please people out there! I shall do my best to continue to do so!

Okay, so here’s the crack, I’m meant to tell you 7 facts about me ( ….hmmmm yeah….although as you will see some of my facts turn out to become stories….yeah sorry I do tend to get a bit carried away! But hey after all my blog is meant for me to let my imagination go wild! So I’m just letting it aaaaall out!)  and then nominate 7 blogs that I appreciate.

If you choose to participate, here are the rules:  

1. Link back the person who nominated you.

2. Post the award on your page.

3. Tell seven facts about yourself.

4. Nominate seven bloggers and let them know they have been nominated.

Seven Facts about Crowns & Peacocks:

So here we go,  a bit of bla-bla about me…..

1 – Favourite season…

 Hmmm…I would say spring time and end of summer, when the weather is just nice enough to wear sandals, a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and sunglasses whilst drinking a lovely cocktail on the beach when all the tourists are gone!

2 – Chilhood dream job…

Well…..I wanted to be a superhero and save the world! Hmmmmmm….I soon understood that would never be possible! I was convinced, knowing that we only use about 10% of our brain, that maybe we had secret powers that weren’t unlocked yet! So I would concentrate really really hard, hoping that way I would magically unlock a secret door then be able to fly, have super ninja powers and go really fast ……Yes I did have a very big imagination!!

Then I wanted to become an actress but I remember my mother saying “Non ma fille! Il est hors de question que tu fasses ce métier, ça veux dire coucher avec tout le monde!” In other words, “You will not become an actress, I shall not have my daughter sleeping with everyone!”  Okay, so that was a big no-no!

Finally I would of loved to become a singer…unfortunately, the fairies that were looking over me in my cradle did not bless me with a beautiful voice like they did for sleeping beauty! Pffff , nope that’s for sure! But then at least in my dreams I get to sing like some kind of gospel queen, or like Aretha Franklin on some groovy song, and start dancing cool hip hop moves with breathtaking acrobatics!  People in the streets would turn back on me saying “Wow, you have such a beautiful voice, you sing like a goddess!” and just follow me whilst dancing and skipping just like in a musical! Yeah of course, I do quickly realize that I am dreaming….the singing and very good athlete- dancing skills do give it away rather quickly, but then I just make the most of it! It’s quite amazing how I feel rather peachy when I wake up!

Okay so today, obviously I have become none of these! But at least I get the chance to save the day  when helping out somebody with something, and I can always pratice my  fabulous acting skills when singing and dancing Mary Poppins to my 3 year old nephew.(…..hmmmm though he doesn’t seem very impressed, he’ll just get bored, yawn and continue playing somewhere else!)  Yep at least my very wild imagination does help in my creativity work! 

3 – Hmmm….yummy!

I love food!! Sweet and salty foods! But I think if I had to choose it would rather for the salty, I love cheese! Oh god yes lovely goat’s cheese on fresh French baguette with a bit of butter! I think I could eat that all day!! And a of bit sweet with a lovely slice of chocolate fudge cake whilst drinking a lovely cup of tea!! Ooh yes, with that I’m the happiest woman ever!

4 – Most embarrassing moment…

Oh Lord, there have been many…..too many for me to remember! Funny ones of me adult, as I tend to laugh of things….but some really too embarrassing to unreveal!!

 I think some of the most embarrassing for me were when I came back to live in France at the age of 14! Truth to be said, British and French scholarship do not have the same values of teaching at all! I don’t think I’ve been too traumatized about school when I was in England, a part from the odd bully round the corner, until the day I learnt to stand up for myself and hit back…..quite strangely she never picked on me again!!

England was okay, it was a lot about letting out your creativity, from what I remember it was a fun way of learning.

But things soon changed when coming back to France! Ooourgh !In France there are no school or P.E uniforms ,it was all about wearing trendy stuff and showing off brands on clothes….pffff !! So of course if you’re not wearing trendy stuff, you’re not going to be in with the “cool” people!  Seeing I spent most of my time in school uniform I wasn’t really much of a fashion victim really! Coming back to France was the moment in my life when learning became a nightmaAaaaare! It’s all about learning lessons like the back of your hand with no fun at all, it’s all about grammar and rules!! It’s about carrying a “cartable” (schoolbag) that weighs more than half your weight, having lots of homework, having P.E. EVERY week! Good Lord yes EVERY week, and 4 hours too! A pure nightmare for me, in the UK  where I lived, I only had about 2 hours every 2 or if I was lucky 3 weeks!( Yess…. you probably guessed I’m not really into P.E.!)

The first embarrassing moment was the first day of school… France! (Just to say I moved to the UK when I was 2, so at the age of 14 I could talk French but not really read nor write it, well not without a lot of difficulty anyway, the teacher knew this, she was not meant to ask me anything.) So, I was sat in the back of the class, everybody knew each other and were already looking at me like “Look, there’s a new girl, blablabla”, the teacher gave us all some sheet to read, asking us one by one to read out loud a paragraph (I was reassured knowing that she would not ask me)……but nooOo, what I fool I was, I was betrayed, it was a booby trap! She asked me to read out loud, of course I had a lot of trouble reading, started hearing the others giggling and saying “Ooooh she can’t’ read blablablabla”! I think at that time I felt sooo embarrassed that I couldn’t feel my body as if all my blood and all the life inside of me had been sucked out, and that I was just going to drop dead of embarrassment! But hallelujah, the headmaster came in, introduced me to the others, saying I was English! Quite strangely the students suddenly stopped making fun of me, wanted to know me better and become friends with me! I was no longer called the “Froggy” or “French one” like the UK, but “l’Anglaise” or “roast beef”! But that was fine with me!England vs France

5 – French or English??

As my sister would say, “You can take the girl away from England, but you can’t take England away from the girl”! I think my heart will always be Englishy, but I am very happy living in France that I have learnt to appreciate ! So I don’t really consider myself 100% English or French, I’m 50/50, somewhere in-between the two countries, let’s on some kind of tropical island or Mediterranean landscape, where lies beautiful nature, listening to music whilst enjoying lovely food, cocktails and of course always a lovely cup of tea!

6 – Moving and packing boxes…..

I have moved 16 times for the moment :  France – UK (lots of moves) – France (very short while) – UK (lots of moves) –France (lots of moves)! I do know packing up boxes quite well now!

7 – Philosophy of life

Hmmmm….. just like the little mouse says in the  “American Tale” “ Never say never!”  For many things I have said “never” or said “I don’t like” well I finally did or had to work with!  So it’s always best to expect the unexpected and to keep an open mind,  you never know what can happen in life! 

 Beautiful Blogs I nominate 

Here are the nearly seven blogs I nominate!  :)

1 – G.E. Gegallas

2 – Winter Owls

3 – Dollgift

4 – Art by Dina Argov

5 – Parasol Dreams

6 – Illustrations 365




Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year 2013!!Wishing you all a very Happy New Year  full of sunshine, love, joy and laughter and may all the dear things you wish for become true! ♥ :-)

Hey, heeey!! Je vous souhaite à tous une très belle et heureuse année 2013! Que cette année soit remplie de soleil, d’amour, de joie et que vos voeux les plus chers se réalisent! ♥ :-)